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Terms and Conditions


Our friendly customer service team is available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday to help you with your queries. Please us the CONTACT US link on the Home Page to send your inquiry and we will get back to you as a priority. Please ensure you include your order number with your inquiry where necessary so that we can assist you better.

Returns / Faulty Discs

You have 30 days to receive a refund for faulty items. Quite often the cause of this can be due to discs that have been handled incorrectly (ie. fingerprints or scratches on the read surface, discs forcibly removed from their casing causing cracks). It is most unusual for a disc to be faulty in any way when manufactured. There are rare instances of faulty batches which usually result in product recalls. It is therefore necessary that you check for any of these problems before contacting us.

Occasionally discs have been found to not be compatible with certain players, which is why we encourage our customers to firstly check any problem discs on another brand of player. If you still feel you have a faulty disc, please contact us.

Fraud Prevention & Security

Procedures are in place to ensure the highest level of security when ordering. We do not store any credit card information on our servers and all payments are processed via our secure payment service provider.

Please note you may be contacted by our Payment Verification & Monitoring team to confirm details prior to the processing of your order. Any email from our Payment Verification & Monitoring team will be sent with direct reference to your purchase order number.

IMPORTANT! PLEASE CAREFULLY READ THESE TERMS OF USE ("TERMS"), AS THEY AFFECT YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS. These Terms apply to VIDBUSTERS web sites that post these Terms (including, without limitation,, You agree to these Terms by accessing or using any of the VIDBUSTERS Platforms. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO BE BOUND BY ALL OF THESE TERMS, DO NOT USE THE VIDBUSTERS PLATFORM.

When am I Charged?

At the time of purchase or reservation, Vidbusters will seek an authorization from your payment card company. The amount of the authorization sought will depend on the item(s) you are attempting to buy or reserve and may also vary depending on the nature of the payment card you have provided. In some instances, the authorization sought will be equal to one purchase charge for each item. If you are redeeming a promotion code (described below) as part of the transaction, we may reduce the amount of the authorization sought to account for the value of the promotion code.

Promotion Codes and Credits?

Promotion codes and Vidbusters Credits are promotional offers from Vidbusters that provide a discount of a certain item. Only Vidbusters and others expressly authorized by Vidbusters may distribute promotion codes and Vidbusters Credits. Each of these promotional offers is subject to the terms and conditions disclosed in connection with or on the offer. Unless the terms in the applicable offer state otherwise, the following applies to all promotion codes and Vidbusters Credits: (a) Your payment card is necessary to redeem your promotion code or Vidbusters Credit and will be charged for all charges not covered by the promotion code used or Vidbusters Credit(s) available (b) Promotion codes and Vidbusters Credits are not transferable, are not for resale or auction, cannot be combined with other offers, cannot be redeemed for cash, and cannot be used as part of a promotion or otherwise offered without Vidbusters’ prior written permission. Unless the terms in the applicable offer state otherwise, the following applies to all promotion codes: (a) Limit 1 promotion code per Vidbusters Transaction; and (b) Promotion code applies to only 1 item per Vidbusters Transaction. We reserve the right to terminate a promotion code or Vidbusters Credit at any time. If you have an outstanding, unpaid balance with Vidbusters or have a prior history of abuse, you may not be eligible to use a promotion code or Vidbusters Credit, as determined in Vidbusters’ sole discretion.

VIDBUSTERS also reserves the exclusive right to modify, withdraw, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, at any time and from time to time, any materials, information or content available on the VIDBUSTERS Platforms, without limitation, in whole or in part, including the cessation of all activities associated with VIDBUSTERS Platforms, with or without notice. You agree that VIDBUSTERS will not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the VIDBUSTERS Platforms or any part thereof. VIDBUSTERS also reserves the right to charge for use of the VIDBUSTERS Platforms, in whole or in part, and to change its fees from time to time in its discretion.